Thursday, November 15, 2007

I asked, and Donald Trump answered!

Remember my post about winning in a Trump Blog contest? Donald Trump answered my questions, not only one, but he actually answered all the three questions that I have submitted, which makes me feel distinguished! Trump has a long experience in business, and therefore in life in general, so his answer, which in fact is an advice, is very valuable and significant. We need and have to listen to successful people, if we are going to live our lives anyway, why not live the best life we can? I remember that in one of Trump books he said that it was better to learn from our successes than to learn from our mistakes, if this holds true for our own successes, then it only makes sense to learn from the successes of all those who achieved it.


puvanan said...

Hi.. read your question in trump's blog. Wonderful question and brilliant answer. A great piece of advice for all the young nurturing minds like me. All the best!

Mister A said...

You asked a good question and got a very good answer. I am a week or two from having culminated a great passion in life, and it stemmed from a hobby. Everything he said in the answer is very true.