Thursday, November 15, 2007

Egypt and India sing together!

If you like happy music and captivating melodies, then Egyptian music will bring you lots of pleasure! Today I introduce you to a very happy song for a famous modern singer, Hisham Abbas. The song's video was shot in India, and that's where India comes in this song. The singer, words and music are all Egyptian. People like exotic, and that's why the singer went to India for his song. The female voice in the song is actually this of an Indian singer, unknown to me. Here's the video:


Anonymous said...

Fantastic writing, really.

I have question. I am one of the winners of the "Trump Question" contest as well. The problem is, I have not been contacted by anyone yet.

Do you have a contact number or email address for whomever contacted you?


Will Neder

Anonymous said...


I admire Your energy and perception of Life,.
keep doing like this!!!!

Ina Matijevic, regards from Croatia(Europe)
I like pyramids and Egypt