Thursday, March 04, 2010

My 2009 Twitter Wisdom, Part.3

Only the free souls will make life better!
Sep 15th, 2009

God gives us little difficulties to train us for bigger obstacles and greater accomplishments!
Sep 16th, 2009

Oh God! How many people on this earth are deprived from their rights by the unfairness of their fellow humans!
Sep 24th, 2009

In Arabic; the word for Injustice is: ZULM, and for darkness is: ZULMA!
Sep 24th, 2009

It definitely won't work... When you give up!
Sep 28th, 2009  

100's of spam daily! But I rather get them in my inbox than mail box!
Sep 29th, 2009

If God gives us comforts, He will ask us what we did for those who are suffering!
Sep 29th, 2009

Every new begining is another chance to clean up the past!
Sep 30th, 2009

I had a wisdom tooth taken out, but pain increases my wisdom!
Oct 6th, 2009

God! Help us not let one day go by without trying to make life better!
Oct 6th, 2009

In 1973, it had taken Egyptians 6 years to win their land back from Israel, now why is it taking them decades to get it back from Corruption!!
Oct 6th, 2009

Time has one task and it will keep fulfilling it: passing by!
Oct 8th, 2009

Freedom with risk is way better than safety with lack of freedom.
Oct 17th, 2009

Just learned that "A cow converts twenty pounds of grass into one pound of beef". That's how much MEAT costs humans and their earth! :(
Oct 20th, 2009
Got my IL Driver's Licence instead of my NY one. Finally feel like a real Illinois citizen!
Oct 30th, 2009
Every time we eat, we should think of those who are starving and of ways to help them!
Nov 3rd, 2009
Life has the potential of being a lot better!
Nov 15th, 2009
Beautiful nature is the greatest of pleasures!
Nov 21st, 2009

If we want our life to be real, we have to frequently challenge our beliefs!
Dec 2nd, 2009

I am not an office person!
Dec 3rd, 2009

It's freezing cold in chicago and we have heat everywhere. What do the poor in similar conditions do with no heat! :(
Dec 10th, 2009

The world is suffering because there are more people creating problems than people preventing and fixing them!
Dec 11th, 2009
People say life is unfair. God is fair, humans are not, and life has nothing to do with it!
Dec 17th, 2009

Sincerity is the only way leading to God!
Dec 26th, 2009

Having my tuna salad for lunch and thinking that millions are starving to death this very same moment!
Dec 28th, 2009

That was it for my 2009 tweets that I'd like to keep. Those were impulsive ideas that came to me anywhere as I was thinking of something. We never stop thinking. Our mind is a tireless talking machine. Many of those thoughts are useless, many are negative, and hopefully we can make a few of them life-changing! As I look at Twitter, I think it's a blessing, a tool to conserve and share our big and small ideas in brief. It helped me a lot with Twitter to link it to my cell, I could tweet my ideas on the go as they come. That makes me think if investing in a smart phone (iPhone) would be a good idea. I think I'm being more careful now with my purchases, I learned from many experiences, just like millions of others, that we may very well buy something because we think that we will use it to make our life better in some way, but we usually end up using it a few times then forgetting about it. This should teach us to be careful and learn to buy only the things that will benefit us.

Anyway, as I look at those tweets, I think that I might develop those ideas a little more in the future, and use this blog to share what I will be thinking!

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