Tuesday, February 09, 2010

My 2009 Twitter Wisdom, Part.2

If you'd like to know what this is about, please read part 1.

"When you are born, your work is placed in your heart" Khalil Gibran. No wonder we will remain 'sick' as long as we ignore our heart/work!
Jul 23rd, 2009

The biggest and most serious "jihad" in our life journey is to put meaning into all of what we do!
Jul 24th, 2009

Just had breakfast: Greek salad and coffee. The salad was delicious & refreshing, why in the world don't we give a good chance to vegetables!
Jul 25th, 2009

The quality of the people close to us determines to the greatest degree the quality of our living.
Jul 29th, 2009

If you think you love a person without loving what's in their heart, you're only lying to yourself. The body vanishes and we are our hearts!
Jul 29th, 2009

I wish that when we talk about someone in their absence, we imagine that they're listening, and decide how we would say what we need to say.
Jul 29th, 2009

Muslims of today are the only problem with Islam.
Aug 7th, 2009

When left to ourselves, we can get ourselves into the deepest of troubles; it's God's way of telling us how much and how often we need Him!
Aug 9th, 2009

Another workweek to start and finish, then another to start and finish; Life is just cycles! We need to choose which cycle to get caught in!
Aug 10th, 2009

God is the only unseen that is more visible than everything we see and touch.
Aug 15th, 2009

Nothing kills a man's heart and sense of living like taking away his freedom!
Aug 18th, 2009

A life without a project is a train without a track, a car without a steering wheel. How and where would they end up?!
Aug 27th, 2009

Reading is like food, when I don't have enough, good quality coming in, I feel unhealthy, mind and body! For real.
Aug 28th, 2009

Prophet Muhammad was clearly told in the Quran that he had no authority over people, and now some Muslims act as if they had this right!
Sep 1st, 2009

The oppressor and the victim who accepts oppression are equal in sin!
Sep 1st, 2009

If God doesn't exist, then nothing else does!
Sep 6th, 2009

As long as people eat too much meat; meat will eat them and eat their earth!
Sep 15th, 2009

Part. 3 coming soon!

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I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing