Saturday, July 11, 2009

The World Happens Within!

Is the world ugly or beautiful? Is life exciting or boring? Are there enough interesting things to do out there or is living just meaningless?

Life is all that, all the time, and all in the very same moment! It just depends who's looking at it? Who's having the experience, and when!

For you and for me, we probably have experienced all those opposite views of life at some point. We're depressed, and the whole world becomes dull and boring and empty! Then we're happy, and we sing: It's a beautiful life!

This has only one indication, life is neutral! It has all possibilities, and it can be beauty or ugliness. It's our mirror, and will just reflect what we're projecting into it.

There are as many worlds as there are people. And they don't start far from us, the world is born in our heart and mind. It's all those pieces that come our way, and we can make them into an ugly chaos or into a piece of art! The human inner world is the most powerful of all, and it's the only that really exists, for every one of us, separately!

If the World happens within us, then we need to look inside when we look at life. If we say life is boring, we better realize that we really mean: We are boring! When we think it's limited, then we better know that we should expand from within!

The World is just a decision of the heart!

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