Saturday, June 07, 2008

For those who are still blind, let them "see" The Corporation

This is a MUST-SEE documentary. And by MUST, I mean that it's not optional. It's not a luxury. We can't afford to waste too much time without this kind of information in the center of our interests. Every day interests. If we think and feel that we are free beings, and indeed we are, then we should be informed and aware of those who are trying to take away our freedom, for their own, exclusive, superficial, short-term and stupid benefit.

It's pretty long, two hours and 25 minutes. I didn't watch it at once, and may be you shouldn't neither. I felt that I needed some time between every 2 or three titles. I am already familiar with what is being said here, but still, I needed to watch it. This DVD is on my to-own-when-I-get-out-of-debt list!!! Rent the DVD, buy it, or watch it all on Google Video. Then go the web site created for the documentary:, I checked it out and it was great to see that the producers built this web site to follow up on the ideas. Because this is a watch-for-action kind of documentary. The actions can be small in the beginning, personal and limited. It's OK, that's how everything starts in life.

We have to build and expand our awareness. It is the only way to get our world out of blindness and darkness. The light needs those people who can see (informed, aware) in order for the light to spread and dominate. And I am confident that we will win. Just when we truly decide to.


Wambui Bahati said...

Thank you for making me aware of this movie - The Corporation. I just went to Google to watch it. However, it is indeed long. I booked marked (and subscribed) to your site for the link and will watch it tonight. I'm looking forward to doing so. PEACE-

ahmed_k said...

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