Monday, May 19, 2008

Falling a thousand times!

Wise people told us that it doesn't matter how many times we fall in our way to success, as long as we get up again and continue. Honestly, I get discouraged every time I fall, then I resist getting up again, thinking to myself why bother when I am sure to fall again, because this is what happened the last thousand times or so! Who knows, it could be the last 2 thousand times, I never really kept track!

When we are on the ground, we feel tired. We can't initiate movement when we are in such state. Movement needs energy. Especially when it's moving up, against gravity. We need more energy then than what we need when we are already up and running. Getting up after falling is the most difficult task in the journey.

I do agree that we have to get up a thousand and one times, or two thousand and one, or whatever. The real problem is the time we waste laying on the ground after the fall. The question is how? How can we not spend too much time laying down. Because when we fall we will feel tired and discouraged. I wish we could avoid that, but this is what will happen. Hitting the ground after flying does hurt. It can even break a piece or two in our emotional being. Is there a way to heal faster, to get the energy to get up without wasting too much time? I am sure there is. Thinking about it right now!

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