Friday, March 21, 2008

Turkish Coffee @ Starbucks!

I am a strong coffee lover, that's why I love Turkish coffee. I have been in USA for more than five years now, and all this time I believed that I can get it only from Middle Eastern grocery stores. It's imported, so you can't buy it fresh. Until I made a great coffee discovery! I didn't make it myself though. My elder brother is visiting, a coffee lover himself, and he was looking around in a grocery store, when he found out that when you grind the coffee, the machine has an option of grinding it into Turkish coffee. So we tried it, but the results were very bad. The outcome didn't look anything like a real Turkish coffee. I thought the machine must not be that good, and wondered if coffee shops like Starbucks would have this option when you grind your coffee there. I asked, and well, they do! But I didn't do it at Starbucks, I did it at Gimme, our local coffee place, whose coffee I prefer over Starbucks. The result was outstanding. Real, great Turkish coffee. Next time I will try it at Starbucks, because this way I know I will always be able to buy my Turkish coffee, wherever I move within the US. Only for now you still can't buy a cup of Turkish coffee at Starbucks. But who knows, may be in the future they will serve it there!

For those who don't know what Turkish coffee is like, I would say the closest thing to it is espresso. So those who like espresso may very well like Turkish. However I myself don't like espresso, Turkish coffee is as strong, but it is much tastier!


Rain_Drops said...

well ; enjoy ur coffee !
bas meen espresso da ya 3amm ? :d

Mohamed Shedou محمد شدو said...

glad to see you here ya mahmoud :)

espresso is a type of coffee that is popular here in usa, i don't know what it's origin is, but it's stron and it comes in little shots and little cups just like our turkish coffee, and it's very strong also, but i don't like it that much. they might have in egypt in some coffee shops, i suppose.

Moey said...

they had turkish coffee at starbucks kuwait for around a month, no one bought it.

Mohamed Shedou محمد شدو said...


welcome to my blog! :)

it's no wonder that turkish coffee didn't sell at starbucks in kuwait my friend. because in an arab country customers will go for starbucks for something different. however in usa it can sell very well, especially in big cities like new york where there is already lots of people who drink it and they'll love to find it in more locations than middle eastern restaurants

mohager said...

I'm a coffee lover too .. but i didn't know that there are Turkish coffee in the whole USA.
so when i miss it so much i go to Joe Mug (little coffee place in Books a million) and get a few shots of espresso, other than that i drink a regular coffee every morning.

Mohamed Shedou محمد شدو said...


welcome ya mohager.

now you can make turkish coffee at home, because you can find it at starbucks, it's really good.