Saturday, January 12, 2008

Quiz: The True Race

I don't remember when I wanted to travel and live in foreign countries. It seems to me that I always did, since a very young age. Even as a child, I used to make lists of all the countries that I "will" visit. I knew I didn't like for my experience of life and people to be limited to one country and one culture.

With that desire to travel and see different places, I also had a strong belief about the difference between people. This belief never weakened, and it's still very much mine until this day. It will always be. I am a fan of the truth, and once I find it, I never give it up. I know this belief to be true.

It's about the real difference between people. The things that really connect or separate them. It's not their color. Not their language. Not their inherited religion. It's not their country or their nation. It's none of any of the identities that people usually use to define themselves and their belonging. It's something more fundamental, and more simple.

How do I define myself? Well, I am a Muslim, an Egyptian, an Arab, a human being, an immigrant in USA. I am all those. But none of those is to make me really different or similar to another person. I always said I could sometimes be closer to, say, a Western Jew than to a Muslim Egyptian. Even though my believing in God defines me, and that for me He is the source of all meaning and all truths, I could sometimes be closer from an atheist than a fellow Muslim.

I think that this is the only and most accurate criterion that should divide individuals into distinct groups. It is the real nationality, the ultimate belonging. Do you want me to tell you what it is, or listen to what you think first?

I'd rather listen, then speak!

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