Thursday, January 31, 2008

From Darkness out to Light

Ignoring anything that bothers us will NOT take it away or make it vanish. Ignoring is just as good as pretending. You pretend to not see what IS there. You pretend to forget what is still present inside your heart and your mind. Ignoring is for the weak and, as the word itself suggests, for the ignorant. We can choose not to be ignorant, not to ignore. When we are ignorant about something, we can change that by learning about it from good sources. This will move us from darkness to light in that particular area. When something is there and we're not comfortable about it, we can change that as well, but not by ignoring it, because this will only keep it, and us, in darkness. To move out to light requires that we face it, understand it, write it down, speak it up. Just look it in the face, have a brave and decent conversation, and deal with it. We better not ignore anything; we better know and handle things.

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