Tuesday, December 04, 2007

From Cairo

I know I haven't been writing much in this blog. I am trying to revive all my three blogs, but so far I probably succeeded with my Arabic blog only, which is a good start. Nothing happens overnight, especially changing our habits, or creating new ones. It's interesting how little control we have over our own selves, it's so easy for humans to be trapped in their very own habits, no matter how much they want to change and how well they know they should!

Anyway, to get myself going and committed, I designated a day every week to post pictures in my Arabic blog, so every Tuesday I remember that it's Pictures Day and I look into my collection (of only the pictures that I have taken myself) and post some. It's working well so far.

Today I am posting two pictures I have taken many years ago in Saladin Castle in Cairo, Egypt. It must have been more than 13 years now, they were taken during a school trip. The reason I didn't think of posting pictures regularly in this blog is that I don't have many pictures from Egypt, since this is an Egyptian Mind blog! I only have many pictures available from the time I had my digital camera. You know, it's easier. You take the pictures, download them to your computer, and no need to go print them. You also don't have to pay to take pictures, because when you took 'em before you had a digital, you had to buy prints, otherwise they'll be locked forever in the film!

However, I thought that it wouldn't be a bad idea to do the same here, even if most of the pictures won't be Egyptian, until I go to Egypt with my digital camera! Well, truth is, they will still be Egyptian pictures, even if taken in America. You can say it's American places seen through an Egyptian Eye! So I guess my American pictures will have this very same label: Egyptian Eye!

Even though today is Tuesday, Pictures Day in this blog will be Monday of every week, insha'Allah (God willing). It's an attempt to save a blog from silence!

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