Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A good question, a better answer

I was just watching the Suze Orman show entitled, "For The Young, Fabulous and Broke" on DVD. She ended her show by mentioning this question that she was asked by a teacher:
"How are you deceiving yourself?"
I thought, while listening to her and before she mentioned the answer given by her teacher, this is a really good question. I was looking for quick answers in my mind. I always thought that awareness is the best we can ever have; especially awareness of our own selves. It wasn't actually difficult to come with answers in my own situation, and I was sure that if I am to give this question some thought, I'd come up with many important facts about how I deceive myself, and therefore have less awareness and understanding of the real causes of my problems.

Well, Suze Orman did the same, she kept telling her teacher of ways and things she deceived herself about, but every time she was getting the same feedback, "Wrong"! So she finally gave up and asked, "Ok, you tell me", and her teacher gave her an answer that was even more illuminating than the question itself:
"You are deceiving yourself by thinking that you are not perfect!"

Isn't that a good point, that when we have perfection as a starting point, we are more likely to become and do more and better?! No matter what our current situation, we are perfect in our human potential, we are perfect because God is perfect, fair and merciful. Only if we know it enough.


Anonymous said...

I like Your comment on Trump blog!

Ina Matijevic

Mohamed Shedou محمد شدو said...

Ina Matijevic

I am glad that my comment on Trump Blog brought you here :)
You are always welcome