Monday, July 02, 2007

The Bright Side of Spam

It is undoubtful that every email user now suffers from spam-unless there are new solutions that didn't come to my knowledge yet. You open your email inbox, or download your messages, and here you spend a few good minutes just deleting messages. Well, you might also get a little irritated when you see that you have to delete the SAME useless ads every day! And now the worse side, spammers aren't usually like those good advertisers who will put a small link at the very end of their email ad and give you the option to "opt out", and never have to delete their messages again. The most common solution so far is junk folders, but you still will have to spend some of your valuable time online there, because you never know, sometimes messages you do want to read get caught in this folder.

So as we see, email spam is a problem. It wastes our time. However it does have a good side to it. We lose time anyway, and at the end, we only lose minutes deleting spam emails, not hours (thanks God!). Now we are all familiar with a much worse sort of spam, which is useless paper ads and brochures that we receive in the mail. It's amazing how much paper we just shred or throw in the trash every day or every week here in the US. In my country, Egypt, we don't have this problem, so here is one more bright side for something not so bright: developing countries are very modest contributors to the destruction of our earth, and therefore our health, compared to the first world countries.

Waste is a serious problem. Email spam wastes a few minutes every day. Paper spam wastes millions of trees every year. Don't you wish with me that all paper spam just go to our email inboxes?

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